Bicycle Thieves

Natura: Monografia - Materiale filmico - Videoregistrazione
Specifiche: [Colore] Bianco e nero
[Durata] 89 min
[Lingua sottotitoli] Inglese
[Supporto specifico] Blu-Ray Disc
Descrizione: Bicycle Thieves / a film by Vittorio De Sica. Actors: Lamberto Maggiorani Enzo Staiola Lianella Carell. (Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative Original mono Audio Feature length audio commentary by Italian Cinema expert Robert Gordon, author of BFI Modern Classics Bicycle Thieves Money Has Been My Ruin – a brand new video essay by critic and filmmaker David Cairns on Vittorio De Sica's career and filmmaking Indiscretion of an American Film Producer – a brand new video essay by film historian Kat Ellinger on De Sica's relationship with Hollywood producers David O. Selznick and Joseph H. Levine and the version that never was Original trailer advertising De Sica's films, featuring Bicycle Thieves star Lamberto Maggiorani and Francesco Golisano presenting Miracle in Milan. - Hertfordshire : Arrow Films, 2020. - 1 DVD (ca. 89 min.) : sonoro, bianco e nero ; in contenitore, 17 cm ; Blu-ray
Note: Heralded as the greatest film ever made on release, winning an Oscar in 1949 and topping the Sight & Sound film poll in 1952, De Sica's seminal work of Italian neorealism has had an impact on cinema worldwide from release to the present day, with filmmakers such as Satyajit Ray and Ken Loach claiming the film as a direct influence on their own.

Bicycle Thieves tells the story of Antonio, a long unemployed man who finally finds employment putting up cinema posters for which he needs a bicycle. His wife pawns all the family linen to redeem the already pawned bicycle and for Antonio salvation has come, until the bicycle is stolen. Antonio and his son take to the streets in a desperate search to find the bicycle. Bicycle Thieves is as much about the position of Italians in post-War, post-Fascist Italy as the relationship between father and son, told through the labyrinth of the cinematic city with De Sica's arresting visual poetry.

Defining neorealism, a small period of filmmaking that focused on simple, humanist stories, Bicycle Thieves was one of the most captivating and moving. Now presented in a new 4K restoration from the original camera negative . - Actors: Lamberto Maggiorani Enzo Staiola Lianella Carell. - Produzione cinematografica Italia 1948
De Sica, Vittorio
Legami: [Ha per titolo originale] Ladri di biciclette [Vai al dettaglio]
Cinema italiano - Film
Cinema italiano - Neorealismo
[Classificazione Decimale Dewey] 791.43
Paese pubblicazione: Gran Bretagna
Lingua: Italiano
ID scheda: 39408
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